onsdag 25 juni 2008

Why Vegan

Vegan for the Animals
Going vegan means that-in your name- animals will not experience a terrifying death in the slaughterhouse, calves will not be separated from their mothers to bring you your daily pinta and male chicks will not be gassed as by-products of the egg industry.
Vegan for the Planet
Going vegan means that you will have a smaller eco-footprint. Your vegan diet will have less impact on the rainforest, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ease worldwide water shortages. People will need to eat plant protein direct if we are to feed a growing world population.
Vegan for your health
A well-balanced vegan diet is among the healthiest of diets. It is typically high in fruit and low in saturated fats. Protein, calcium and iron are easily provided.
A Vegan diet is tasty and nutritious
Vegans eat a variety of delicious foods including spicy chickpea curry, burritos with refried beans and salsa, and even chocolate fudge cake!

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