söndag 16 maj 2010

Harry Mather

Veganvännen Harry Mather har avlidit. Redan på 70-talet kom jag i kontakt med Harry och träffade honom många gånger på festivaler och kongresser.Hans tidning Vegan Views var den första vegantidning jag kom i kontakt med och prenumererade på i alla år. Han har betytt oerhört mycket för veganrörelsen. Jag skickade en hälsning till Harry strax innan han avled och tackade honom för allt han gjort och inspirerat till. Så här skrev hans son tillbaka;
Thank you all for your kind words which were so moving to my father and our family.It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all that my father has now passed away peacefully in his sleep. Your words were a great comfort to us all.I wanted Harry to know how special he has been, not only to our family but the wonderful work he has done for the Vegan and cruelty free movements. Harry was so enthusiastic about helping to spread the good work of Veganism that towards the end of his days he was concerned that he had achieved very little, because we are still amongst a small minority. With your wonderful stories that you have shared with us he has passed on knowing of the lives that he has touched and how he has inspired others towards a cruelty free living through his kindness and compassion. My father was a wonderful man and I feel honoured and privileged to be his son. I have, on many occasions, been introduced as Harry Mather's son at vegan meetings and gatherings and nobody has ever asked who is Harry?Thank you once again for all your lovely e-mails. My father was truly touched by them all.There will shortly be an opportunity to share your blessings and your memories together on the internet, should you wish to do so. All will be welcome to the funeral which I will give details of soon.Love and blessings.David Mather
Så här skriver Vegan Society om Harry;
Harry Mather : June 1924 – May 2010
It is with great regret that we announce the death of Harry Mather, one of the great pioneering vegans of our time. His contribution was immense and spanned nearly half a century. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, whether as a Vegan Society Local Contact, as Editor of Vegan Views for 25 years, from Vegan Camp or through the many other activities that he supported. A full tribute will be published at a later date.

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