lördag 16 januari 2010

Nya vegorestauranger i London

1. NEW Veg, Highbury and Islington Chinese vegan buffet restaurant, at 177 Upper Street N1, opposite Islington Town Hall. Tel 07837 381 898. Open: Mon-Sun http://www.facebook.com/l/65bab;12.00-22.00. Lunch £5.50, Sun and evening £6.50, plus 10 per cent service charge (for a buffet, but still amazing value). Take-away £3.50. Buffet includes dessert of sago with coconut or pineapple. Tea and soft drinks £1.50. Glass of Chinese wine or bottle of beer £2.50. In fact this place opened in 2009, and it’s like all the others but in a quieter location on the way from Angel to Highbury & Islington. And they have alcohol.2. The new Japanese vegan Macrobiotic Café in Primrose Hill is closing 15th January, but Itadaki Zen vegan restaurant at Kings Cross is still going.A reminder of the big new central opening before Christmas and the recent closures:NEW Tata vegan Chinese buffet restaurant, 3-5 CaxtonWalk, off Charing Cross Road next to Blackwells bookshopand Salsa! Tel 07884 445544. Open: Mon-Sun http://www.facebook.com/l/65bab;12.00-22.00.Lunch £5.50, Sun and evening £6.50. Take-away £3.50. Alsovegan cakes and sweet pie £1. Juices £1.50, freshly squeezedjuice £2.50, beer £2.50. Vegan shop opening up next door selling frozenfake meat and fish from Taiwan.Favourite central openings since the guide was published:1. Tata Chinese vegan buffet in Charing Cross Road.2. Vegan Routes in Brewer Street (no connection with the original vegan bus restaurant Rootmaster off Brick Lane)3. Tibits in Heddon Street, like the old Country Life but even better.

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