onsdag 9 september 2009

Veganjobb i England

The Vegan-Organic Network (VON), a pioneering eco-charity, established for over 10 years, is looking for someone to oversee its treasurer function and advise on all matters financial.
VON is an educational charity promoting animal-free growing for the benefit of animals, people and our planet. There is existing help with day-to-day systems such as cashbook and payments/receipts. VON is also a registered company. See www.veganorganic.net
Someone with commitment to our aims and existing charity accountancy experience and/or expertise would be ideal.
The present Treasurer will train a new person and continue to be available.
This work could be done on a voluntary or honorarium basis, all expenses paid and all necessary equipment provided in either case.
VON has no office: everyone works from home.
For more information and to discuss this opportunity informally please contact Peter White:
0161 928 3614

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